I first remember seeing Frank Chu about 20 to 25 years ago in San Francisco...


I first remember seeing Frank Chu about 20 to 25 years ago in San Francisco...

He’s long been a fixture on Market St but over time you’ll see him all around town, gravitating toward crowds and events.

For those who don’t know his name, he’s often referred to as Sign Guy or 12 Galaxies Guy.

He’s friendly and will speak with just about anyone. I always say hi to Frank when I see him. We’ve had some long conversations over the years.

He believes that he was abducted by the CIA and that he used to work with the CIA and that he’s a time traveler.

Unfortunately, San Francisco can no longer let weird be weird for the sake of weird. It just had to monetize and exploit the situation.

Over the past 10 years or so, he has sign sponsorships. SF Gate (aka the Chronicle) even writes articles on who is latest sponsor is. They can go fuck themselves.

That’s supposed to be news? Pathetic.

The words on the sign change often, and the backside is for sponsorship, but the words 12 Galaxies are staples.

About 10 years ago there was a nightclub opened in his honor, called 12 Galaxies, but it has since closed.

I’ve seen people dress up as Frank for Halloween, which actually outside of San Francisco would be pretty interesting. Literally nobody would have any idea who you were unless they’re from the city, in which case 100% they would know. He’s a weirdo legend.

He believes that Bill Clinton owes him royalties for the time he spent as a movie star, that everyone is stealing from him. I think he has some independent wealth but I’m not so sure. He used to have a resume floating around and it was kind of odd (duh) but I haven’t seen it in years.

If you Google Frank Chu, you’ll see a million and one pics of him over the years.

He’s for sure my favorite and most memorable San Francisco weirdo.

I invited him to a house party once like 15 years ago and he was super pumped to come but he said he could only come if he spent the night but that didn’t work out so we never got a chance to party together but we’ve shared some long bus rides together, back when people took public transportation instead of being boring and Lyfting everywhere (I’m guilty of it too).

Frank is a legend. I’d trade a thousand techies for another weirdo like Frank. Guys like him are the lifeblood of San Francisco culture.