What if you're the crazy one and not him?


Have you ever thought that you might be crazy?

Like, you might be in a different dimension or something.

Tonight, I went out with a friend and we talked about this. You look at this guy who’s talking to himself and think that he is crazy. But we might be doing it without knowing that we’re doing it.

In their heads, things are making sense. We were talking about that at a restaurant.

“We might both in a mental hospital somewhere, or we might be in a white room, talking to ourselves, but we don’t think we’re crazy.” My friend said.

We went to a bar after dinner. We had a casual conversation, and all of the sudden, my friend said “There’s a guy who’s been talking to himself this whole time. Your left shoulder.”

So I looked behind me. There was a guy standing right outside of the bar patio, facing the patio, and talking to “himself”.

He wasn’t really talking to himself though. My friend continued. “It’s fascinating, he’s clearly having a conversation with more than one person. He looks his right and left, sometimes follows something or someone, and talks to that”.

I saw him out of the corner of my eyes, and he was, “talking” to more than two people.

My friend said, “maybe we’re talking to ourselves now too, we just don’t know”

That guy was literally standing there talking to someone for two hours. Then, it started raining. I looked up the sky, and looked at where he was. He was gone. Really, gone.

He made an eye contact with me just for a second.

I wonder if he saw me or not.